The sense of identity with our school is important and is strengthened by the wearing of school uniform.  We believe our school uniform is smart, practical and creates a sense of community.


    Grey skirt or grey tailored trousers

          White blouse

          School tie (optional)

          Green cardigan or green sweatshirt

    Green fleece

          Green and white summer dress

          White socks/white or dark green tights

          Sensible black shoes (no trainers)


          Grey trousers

    White shirt

          School tie (optional)

          Green cardigan or green sweatshirt

          Green fleece

          Grey or dark coloured socks

          Sensible black shoes (no trainers)

P.E – Girls and Boys:     

          Black  shorts

          Green PE T-shirt


          Green or dark coloured tracksuit for outdoors


All school uniform can be purchased from ‘Danielle’s’, Main Road, Hockley.



Please make sure ALL CLOTHING IS NAMED.

Please note designer haircuts are not permitted in school. Extreme haircuts are not allowed i.e not less than a grade 2 in length, no tramlines, symbols or short cut sides with longer hair on top. Coloured hair is also not permitted.


Children should not wear any form of jewellery to school, except wrist watches or stud earrings.  If stud earrings are worn, any accidents that may occur will be the responsibility of the parent.

During PE/games sessions stud earrings will have to be removed by the children otherwise they will not be able to participate in the lesson.  Teachers are not allowed to help children with their earrings.  Watches will also be removed.



Lost property is held in the school entrance. Please check through this if your child has a missing item. We recycle lost property at the end of each term. The school is not in any way liable for property that is damaged or lost. Children must take responsibility for looking after their own property.