B Team friendly v Plumberow B

Date : 7th December 2017

Venue : Plumberow Primary Academy

Result : Plumberow B 1  Hockley B 1

Today Hockley B Team played against Plumberow B Team, a football match which has long been waited for.
The game kicked off and both teams enjoyed some fine exchanges, both being denied by some fine defending or good goalkeeping.
In the first half Hockley had the lion share,  although Plumberow counter attacked on quite a few occasions.
Then with a nice passing move by Hockley found the ball sitting at Charlie’s feet , who swiftly tucked it away 0v1 to Hockley.
Game continued with Hockley on top and some good goalkeeping by Alex in the Plumberow goal.
Half time 0v1
2nd half restart and Plumberow aim to make amends, and pressure Hockley, now the game domination has switched in Plumberow’s favour, and now it's Hockley threatening with the counter attacking, game was flowing backwards and forwards, I can vouch for this as when I ref I don’t stand in the middle, I travel with ball flow.
Good defending was stopping both sides and looked like 0v1 was going to be the result, then a shot was flying into Hockley’s  net producing a fine save from Thomas but he could only just get his hand to it , and the ball dropped to Asher who passed into the goal.
1v1 the result , and a finely contested game ended with the share of the spoils.
Really enjoyed being part of a sporting spectacle played in great spirit .