Jim Smith Cup v Grove Wood

Date : 13th November 2017

Venue : Plumberow Primary Academy

Result : Hockley 2 Grove Wood 5


Today we played our second group game in the Jim Smith Cup against Grovewood.
Spoke to the boys at the beginning, reminding them that we are a team in building, and to expect tougher games than the one at Westerings.
The game started and straight away you could see this was going to be a tough game, one that will really test the boys on their improvement in the little time they have had. The ball was going back and forth, one half to the other, a real frantic battle taking place, and then Hockley got a free kick , William sent it in , Haydon headed towards goal, keeper scrambled across and pulled the ball out from which seemed to have crossed the line, but the ref was blinded by low sun and rightly played on.

Half time 0v0.

Made 3 changes,and talked about must track back and help Jake & William. So out for the second half we go.
Same as first, backwards and forwards, then a nice passing move found Charles one v one with the keeper, fine finish, 1v0 to Hockley.
I then shouted across to Jake and William to keep it tight for a good 5 minutes. 30 seconds after restart it was 1v1, then a couple minutes later 1v2 to Grovewood, Grovewood now had West Ham player and Charlton player starting to boss the game, soon it was 1v3.
We had to get back with our players as William & Jake were getting outnumbered, then another good attack found Charles hitting the post, straight from that Grovewood counter attacked and scored 1v4.
I spoke to the players not to give up and keep going, this brought rewards as a great run by Jake found Charles who scored his second, 2v4 now.
But through chasing the game Grovewood scored again 2v5 the end result.
Some great saves by Charlie, great defending by William & Jake and good goals by Charles, all round better display against a good team who will go far in this cup.
Well done boys, you have learnt more from that game than you did against Westerings .