League Match v Holt Farm

Date : 14th November

Venue : Holt Farm Primary School

Result : Holt Farm 0 Hockley 5


Today we ventured to Rochford to play in a League game against Holt Farm.
Fresh from last nights defeat it was good to get the boys out there, and talk to them about areas where we were lacking in yesterday’s game.
So the game started and boys still trying to play killer pass every time, talking from the side I was encouraging the simple pass, once settled they started to do this, and the ball was passed to William from Jake, then passed onto Jacob, then onto Haydon through to Charles , 0v1.
This is what we need to do more of, settle on the ball, heads up see what’s easy.
We were on top and chances were coming and going, but it wasn’t a 0v1 to feel relaxed about, Holt Farm had a bit about them, and were pressuring.
But Hockley put a good ball into box, keeper pushed it up and Jacob headed home, 0v2.
2 minutes later another fine move , Charles took defender on and slammed ball into opposite corner, 0v3 at half time.

Spoke to boys to settle and relax more, 3 changes out we go for 2nd half.

We started as we finished on the front foot, and some nice simple passing on show followed by quite a few difficult ones, but once again a couple of nice interchanges and William strikes the back of the net , 0v4.
Shape starting to have a bit about it now, and some good breaking up play by Hockley, this time we countered their attack, got ball through to Luke, and ball firmly gives keeper no chance, 0v5.
And that’s how it finished, the boys as last night played well, but no heads went down today, even when chances were missed at 0v0 they continued with good attitude and effort.

Scorers : Charles 2, Jacob 1, William 1, Luke 1

We are a team in building, slowly making progress.