Parish Cup v Wyburns

Date : 29th November 2017

Venue : Wyburns Primary School

Result : Wyburns 3 Hockley 2

Today on a cold afternoon, we played a Parish Cup game against Wyburns Primary.

On a small pitch you could tell it was going to be a close cagey battling game.

The game started and ball too cheaply given away and quite panicky to add to the mix.

Against play the ball was knocked forward, shot came in keeper parried and Tom tucked the ball into a empty net 1v0.

The game continued from end to end and Wyburns to be fair were enjoying having alot of the ball, but failing to finish off.

Went in half time and I spoke to the boys about settling down with the ball, to stop trying to hit the ball as hard as they could, and about shutting down without diving in.

Out we go second half, and a ball played through to a Wyburns player 4 yards offside, and its 1v1.

We regrouped and looked to be more on the ball and to win the battles all over the pitch, through this we managed to get a free kick, which Jake stepped up and through a defensive wall rolled down the inside of the goal, 2v1 Hockley.

Now the light was fading fast and more and more mistakes from both teams seemed to be more frequent, then a ball played into our box, their centre forward moved onto it quicker than our defender and goal, 2v2.

Now the light was almost gone and penalties in the dark didn't sound too appealing.

But there was to be no penalty shootout as a Wyburns player skipped round three of our players and nicely put away, 2v3 Wyburns.

And that is how it finished, a good battling performance by the boys against a good team, yes offside goal but decisions even out usually, and we have to get on with the game and accept them.


Well played boys.