Cookery Club

Friday 19th May

Today it was Curry in a Hurry in our final cookery club session.

Ben carefully chopped the chillis.

Ashton was busy with the red onion.

James enjoyed slicing mange tout & baby sweetcorn.

Lily finely chopped the garlic.

Emilia got to work zesting the lime.

Scarlet & Jess helped to prepare coriander, mangetout & baby corn.

Carla squeezed the juice out of the lime into the curry paste mixture.

Lots of lovely vegetable preparations!

We then toasted the coriander & cumin seeds before Ben ground them up in the pestle & mortar.

Meanwhile, Scarlet & Jess carefully fried the onion.

Ashton found that having a metal spoon in his mouth reduced the tears caused by chopping onions!

Jess, Darcy & Molly had fun!

Yum! Another successful dish!