E-Safety Day

On Wednesday, 10th February, the school hosted an E-Safety Day for parents and pupils! This was following Safer Internet Day that took place the previous day. Parents were invited in to the class rooms to take part in a variety of E-Safety activities with their children including posters and games and also having the chance to use the technology that is in the school such as; the iPads, Chromebooks and Beebots.

After the class room sessions, the parents were then invited to a workshop on E-Safety which was led by Mr Jenkins with support from Mr Dunn. The workshop covered a range of topics including; what actually is E-Safety, online gaming, the different categories of E-Safety, reasons why we need E-Safety, identifying available support and explaining what we are doing in school to promote E-Safety.

The presentation is below if you wish to remind yourself of the topics covered. There is also a downloadable parent pack that has been constructed to answer the areas of E-Safety that our recent E-Safety questionnaire showed our parents needed most support in. 

We hope that all the information provided in the workshop, and also the parent pack, have helped you to better understand E-Safety. If you do have any more questions or are in need of advice please feel free to contact the school, admin@hockley.essex.sch.uk

Mr Jenkins and Mr Dunn.