e-Safety Day - 10th February

 On Friday 10th February we had our e-safety day. This gave the parents the opportunity to learn about how to protect themselves and their children from the Internet and the use of social media. The children have been taking part in e-safety topics, whilst the parents have been attending a workshop to learn about what the school does to safeguard the children whilst in class, and to inform what they could do to protect them at home. All in all a very informative session.

See below for links to resources.


Parental Controls on Video Game Systems

Instagram Parents Guide

iPod Touch Guide

On-line Safety Suggestions for Parents

Supporting Young People On-line

Pokemon Go Adult Guidance

Family Agreement Advice

Parents iPad Guide

Kindle Fire Guide

Factsheet for Parents and Carers

Tablet Shoppers Checklist

Parents Guide to e-Safety for Primary School Children