KS2 Reading Workshop - 19th January

On Thursday Mrs Ely and Miss Turner ran our KS2 reading workshop. The afternoon began with parents visiting classrooms and having the opportunity to share a book with their child.

After this, a presentation in the hall allowed for parents to receive key messages about the National raised expectation for Key Stage Two reading standards. Example content from a reading SATs paper was shared and a discussion took place about the importance of developing children’s comprehension skills from Year 3-Year 6. Resources sharing ways to help at home were provided and the impact of reading with your child regularly at home was explained.

Finally information was shared about the use of our yellow reading diaries – look out for a letter explaining this coming home next week. Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who attended.

See below for links to resources.


Guided Reading Infographic

Picture Book Guide

Example Questions

Top tips for reading with your child at home

Reading comprehension dice

Help with reading poster