Phase 6 Phonics and Spelling Workshop

25th February 2015

Thank you to all of the parents who attended the Phonics Phase 6 and support for spelling workshop on Wednesday 25th February.  

The workshop focused on phase 6 and aimed to outline what Phase 6 entails. To clarify methods used to consolidate previous phases and introduce Phase 6 concepts.

To provide ideas as to how you can support your child at home.

To demonstrate example activities ( video and live session).

To discuss how and when your child is assessed in phonics, in addition to how they can apply phonics to Literacy learning.

To give an overview of Support for Spelling.

 Further information can be found in the links to external sites on the presentation. However, if you have any questions about the teaching, assessment and required support of Phonics, please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher for an appointment. 

Many thanks again for your continued support, 

Miss. Sparkes and Miss. Michael

Below is the Phase 6 Phonics and Spelling Presentation to help support

your child at home with their phonics and spelling skills!