Maths Written Calculations Workshop

4th February 2014

Thank you to all the parents that came to the KS1 Writing and Presentation workshop on the 4th February. 


We hope you found it useful and gave you a better understanding of the different methods addition and subtraction is taught at Hockley Primary School and also gave you a better understanding of the expectations that teachers have of their pupils in Maths.


If you do have any questions regarding Written Calculations in Maths please feel free to make an appointment with the subject leader. 



Click here for the Maths Written Calculation Powerpoint!

 Below is the Addition section to our Written Calculations Policy to give you

a better understanding of different addition methods at the school.

Click here for the Written Calculations Policy - Addition

KS1 Games and Resources

Below are some games that can be used for KS1!

Please feel free to use them to help your child with their Maths!



Click here for the 1st page of games!



Click here to continue the fun

with the 2nd page here!

KS1 Games and Resources

Here are some games for KS2!

They are slightly more challenging but give them a go!




Click here for the 1st page of KS2 Games!



Click here to continue the fin with the 2nd page of KS2 Games!