Curriculum Arrangements

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Big Talk - we use big talk as an opportunity to encourage high quality speaking and listening on a creative subject weekly.

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Spelling, Punctuation

and Grammar KS1

We believe that the focussed teaching of spelling, punctuation and grammar will enable each child to properly arrange words in sentences, add the correct punctuation thus helping them to communicate their ideas effectively.

We teach the meaning of word groups and punctuation daily in order to give the children these fundamental skills to develop and improve their writing. Spelling is incorporated into both our Literacy lessons and  Phonics lessons, where children are encouraged to sound out words before writing.

SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural)

and British Values

SMSC is taught as part of an integrated curriculum throughout the school day. The children are encouraged to be kind, empathetic citizens who embrace our country's diverse society. Relationships and personal safety are discussed to ensure the children feel safe and happy.


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Physical Education


We aim to develop confidence and competence in physical skills appropriate to age and ability, so that pupils may appreciate exercise and recreation as an enjoyable and important option in life. Through encouraging team games we aim to help children learn the importance of working together. Games are taught by fully qualified P.E. instructors.


The PE programme includes gymnastics, games, and dance. Children take part in local school leagues in Soccer and Netball and participate in inter-school activities, including, athletics, and cross country. 


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In History our aim is to develop in children an understanding of how people have lived in different times in history, and to develop a respect for cultural traditions and History of our country.




In geography we aim to help pupils to make sense of their surroundings and to gain a better appreciation and understanding of the variety of physical and human conditions on the Earth's surface. 


Art and Craft


In art we aim to provide pupils with opportunities to express ideas in alternative ways to the written word. We encourage each child to experiment with a range of media and to learn appropriate techniques in order that they may enjoy the practice and appreciation of Art. We also teach the children about famous artists.




In music we encourage children to listen to and enjoy music of different styles, and to be able to appreciate the main elements of music including rhythm, pitch and composition. Children take part in Infant and Junior Area Music Festivals each year.

Instrumental tuition from members of the County Music Team is available. However, this is an optional activity and is paid for on a termly basis by parents of participating children. We have a successful choir and orchestra who perform at concerts and other events during the year.

Religious Education



Religious Education is taught in accordance with the Essex agreed syllabus

‘RE Matters for Every Child’.

 In both Key Stage 1 and Key stage 2, children will have the opportunity to learn about Christianity alongside each major world religion Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Sikhism.

 We regularly invite members from local churches to our weekly assemblies. The children have the opportunity to learn through stories and song. We aim to educate children about the foundation of world religions as well as having the opportunity to celebrate similarities and differences in culture and tradition.

 We want to give the children as many learning opportunities as possible, therefore aim to celebrate key religious festivals as they arise. For example, Christmas, Eatser, Divali, Chinese New Year and Eid.





Personal, Social and Health education is part of a continuous programme that encompasses health, behaviour and lifestyle beginning with the youngest children. As children mature they should acquire an understanding of the physical, social and emotional characteristics of growth. This is integrated throughout our teaching. Specific health/hygiene and sex education are covered in Years 5 and 6 where parents are fully informed of the content beforehand.



Sex Education


The school has an agreed Sex Education Policy formulated by the Governing Body, who believes that this needs to be a joint responsibility between parents and the school.

Design and Technology


In design technology we aim to develop the pupil's ability to think and act imaginatively, effectively and productively and to develop the skills which enable problems to be identified and practical solutions applied.


Modern Foreign Languages


French is the chosen language in our school. In the infants and lower key stage 2 the emphasis is on conversation about subjects familiar to the children eg family, sport, weather and food. In upper key stage 2 we develop the writing of the language.