Eco Warriors Assembly - 17th March

On Friday, the Eco Warriors spoke to the school about climate change and global warming, and how we can all help to conserve energy use both at school and in the home. 

The Eco-race has been running for the last two weeks where children have been encouraged to use more environmentally ways of getting to school, like walking, scootering or cycling.

For last week, the placings were :-

1st place - Maple Class 

2nd place - Elm Class

3rd place - Cherry Blossom Class

There is still one week to go so please try to walk, scoot or cycle as much as possible. 3 points can be scored for park and stride.

46 schools in our area are taking part and we want to win!

One important event taking place is the Earth Hour, where everyone is encorouged to switch off all the lights in their house to conserve energy. Earth hour is on Saturday 25th March at 8.30pm.