Ambassador Elections - June

On Thursday 8th June, our Year 5 children held their ambassador elections to coincide with the general election which was happening on the same day.

These were held to elect the ambassadors for the next school year. A number of children put themselves forward, and delivered their manifestos in assembly earlier in the week. There was then an intense period of canvassing, with lots of posters going up around the school.

A really BIG thank you to our current Abassadors who hosted the elections at our very own polling station!

They carefully checked off every name from the class lists and explained how people could cast their vote.

After the votes have been counted by Mrs Stone, the elected ambassadors can be announced. They are :-

Haydon - Ambassador

Emily - Ambassador

Lily - Vice-Ambassador

Samuel - Vice-Ambassador

Congratulations to those that have been elected, we are sure you will do a great job!