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Sports Day and E-Safety Day

20 January 2016 (by ittechnician)

School Council Discussions

On the 19th of January, we had a school council meeting and we also had a couple of visitors, Mr Dunn and Miss Bromley. Miss Bromley came to talk to us about Sports Day as a pupil put forward the idea of having more of a variety of sports such as long jump and throwing. We asked to ask pupils in our class if they would like to change Sports day or keep it the same. In two weeks’ time we will once again meet Miss Bromley and discuss what we came up with in our classes. Our second visitor, Mr Dunn, talked about E-Safety day. Mr Dunn asked us a few questions about E-Safety such as what are we concerned about and who would you go and tell if you had a problem or concern whilst on the computer. We also spoke about our school motto for E-Safety; Zip it, Block it, Flag it. We were sent back to our classes to discuss these questions with our class mates. We were asked these questions because the 10th February is our E-Safety day, where we will be learning about how to stay safe online. By Ethan and Layla.